kitkat 1.0.0

The classic kit kat clock utility.
kitkat-1.0.0 is not a library.

kitkat clock in Rust

This is the plan9 cat clock utility rewritten in rust with minifb crate.

$ kitkat --help
Usage: kitkat [--hook|--crazy|--offset OFFSET|--borderless|--resize]

Displays a kit kat clock with the system time, or the system time with given offset if the --offset
argument is provided.

      --hook                 show a hooked tail instead of the default drop shaped one
      --crazy                go faster for each time this argument is invoked
      --offset OFFSET        add OFFSET to current system time (only the first given
                             offset will be used)

      OFFSET format is [+-]{0,1}\d\d:\d\d, e.g: 02:00 or -03:45 or +00:00