jus 0.1.0

Converts normal input digits in in Unicode superscript/subscripts
jus-0.1.0 is not a library.


jus (ʒuː; French ʒy)

gravy, broth, sauce -- wiktionary.org

Jus is a cli tool for extracting, viewing, creating and modifying archives of all kinds.

Suported formats:

  • 7z
  • ace
  • arj
  • bzip2
  • cpio
  • gzip
  • lha
  • lzh
  • lzma
  • lzma
  • lzo
  • rar
  • rzip
  • tar
  • xz
  • zip
  • zpaq


cargo install jus


# Archive a file or directory:
jus a archive.7z path/to/file_or_directory

# Jus infers the archive type from the extensions.
jus a archive.zip path/to/file_or_directory
jus a archive.tar.gz path/to/file_or_directory

# Extract files leaving original directory structure intact:
jus x archive.tar.gz

# Extract files to a specified path:
jux x archive.7z path/to/output_directory

# List available archive types:
jus i

# List the contents of an archive:
jus l archive.rar

# Test archives?
# Out to STDOUT?
# Parallel impl?
# Encrypted archives?