junitify 0.1.13

Takes cargo test JSON and transform to JUnit XML
junitify-0.1.13 is not a library.


junitify on crates.io pipeline

junitify takes JSON tests from stdin and writes JUnit XML results into stdout, or into a directory specified with --out.

This can be used to integrate with CI/CD platforms that uses JUnit XML format to show tests results in the UI, such as Gitlab.


cargo install junitify


cargo test -- --format=json -Z unstable-options --report-time | junitify --out tests/

Valgrind (Since 0.1.13)

Since 0.1.13 you can transform Valgrind XML report into JUnit reports, for example:


valgrind --tool=memcheck --xml=yes --xml-file=report.xml (cargo +nightly test -q --message-format=json --no-run | jq -r '.executable | select(. != null)') 
junitify -k valgrind --out tests/ -f report.xml

CI/CD Docker Image

docker pull jonathanxd/junitify:latest

CI/CD Example

You can find an example of CI/CD usage in bindet .gitlab-ci.yml, and see how they look like in one of the pipeline reports.