json-checker 0.1.1

a wrapper around JSON-c
/* JSON_checker.h */

/* 2016-11-11 */

    The JSON_checker_struct is used to hold the state of the JSON_checker
    so that the code can be reentrant.

typedef struct JSON_checker_struct {
    int valid;
    int state;
    int depth;
    int top;
    int* stack;
} * JSON_checker;

extern JSON_checker new_JSON_checker(int depth);

    Make a new JSON_checker. You indicate the maximum depth that is allowed.
    It will return an object that you will pass to the other functions.
    They will destroy the object for you.

extern int JSON_checker_char(JSON_checker jc, int next_char);

    You should call JSON_checker_char for each character of the JSON text.
    It will return false if the text is not right.

extern int JSON_checker_done(JSON_checker jc);

    When there are no more JSON text characters, call JSON_checker_done.
    It will return false if the text was not right.