jrsonnet-evaluator 0.4.2

jsonnet interpreter


Interpreter for parsed jsonnet tree

Standard library

jsonnet stdlib is embedded into evaluator, but there is different modes for this:

  • serialized-stdlib
    • serializes standard library AST using serde
    • slower than codegenerated-stdlib at runtime, but have no compilation speed penality
  • none
    • leaves only stdlib source code in binary, processing them same way as user supplied data
    • slowest (as it involves parsing of standard library source code)

Because of codegenerated-stdlib compilation slowdown, serialized-stdlib is used by default


Can also be run via cargo bench

# serialized-stdlib
test tests::bench_serialize ... bench:   1,763,999 ns/iter (+/- 76,211)
# none
test tests::bench_parse     ... bench:   7,206,164 ns/iter (+/- 1,067,418)


Some functions from stdlib are implemented as intrinsics