jpegxl-rs 0.2.3-beta.1

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jpegxl-rs is a safe wrapper over jpeg-xl library. Check out the original library and the bindings.


The library build jpeg-xl and link to libc++ by default. Optionally, you can set --features without-build, then set the include path and lib path with DEP_JXL_INCLUDE and DEP_JXL_LIB respectively.

If you don't want to depend on C++ standard library, use --features without-threads to disable default threadpool. Instead, you can enable with-rayon feature to use its threadpool.

You need to have a working llvm environment.



use jpegxl_rs::*;
let sample = std::fs::read("test/sample.jxl")?;
let mut decoder: JXLDecoder<u8> = decoder_builder().build();
let (info, buffer) = decoder.decode(&sample)?;

Set output pixel paramaters

// Pixel type is set by type parameter
let mut decoder: JXLDecoder<u16> = decoder_builder()


use jpegxl_rs::*;
use image::io::Reader as ImageReader;

let sample = ImageReader::open("test/sample.png")?.decode()?.to_rgba16();
let mut encoder = encoder_builder().build();
let buffer: Vec<u8> = encoder.encode(
                        sample.width() as u64, 
                        sample.height() as u64

image crate integration

The integration is enabled by default. If you don't need it, use without-image feature.

use jpegxl_rs::image::*;
use image::DynamicImage;

let sample = std::fs::read("test/sample.jxl")?;
let decoder: JXLImageDecoder<u16> = JXLImageDecoder::new(&sample)?;
let img = DynamicImage::from_decoder(decoder)?;