jep106 0.2.8

A pollable collection of all JEP106 manufacturer codes.



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This crate provides a means to retrieve the JEDEC manufacturer string for a corresponding JEP106 ID Code.

All the codes can be found on the page of the JEDEC organization but are presented in as a PDF. This crate contains the parsed data from the PDF and exposes an interface to poll the JEDEC manufacturer string of a JEP106 ID code.

The PDF is parsed by the jep106-parse helper crate.


The crate provides the JEP106BE Revision of the codes list which was published in January 2022.


See docs.


This crate only contains the library part of the jep106 crate. To change how the PDF itself is processed, check out the jep106-parse helper crate.

Step to use jep106-parse

# clone the repo
git clone
cd jep106-parser
# Download the latest version of the PDF, say, JEP106BE.pdf
# Then run the following command to parse the PDF and generate the ``
cargo run -- --pdf JEP106BE.pdf --jep_version BE
# Copy the `` to the src/ folder and format it
mv /path/to/jep106/src/
cargo fmt


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