jami-cli 0.0.0

Jami client for terminal
jami-cli-0.0.0 is not a library.

gurk 🥒


Signal Messenger client for terminal.



You need to download and install signal-cli, such that it is found in your PATH.

  1. Download and install signal-cli
  2. Follow the instructions at https://github.com/AsamK/signal-cli/wiki/Linking-other-devices-(Provisioning) to link signal-cli to your phone/device.
  3. Install gurk with cargo install gurk
  4. Drop a config file with the following context
    name = "Your user name"
    phone_number = "Your phone number used in Signal"

in one of the following locations:

  1. $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gurk/gurk.toml
  2. $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gurk.yml
  3. $HOME/.config/gurk/gurk.toml
  4. $HOME/.gurk.toml

For more config options, see src/config.rs.

  1. Run gurk

At the first run, gurk will sync groups and contacts.

Missing features / known issues

  • Use a simple database (like sqlite, sled, leveldb) for storing messages, contacts, etc... instead of a JSON file.
  • Add optional Gnome notifications over dbus.
  • Add scrolling of messages.
  • Add reply functionality to a single message.
  • Add mouse navigation.
  • Add search of messages/chats. Add quick switch between chats by name.
  • It is not possible to send multiline messages, since the Enter key sends the messages. Add a shortcut or a mode for typing multiline messages.
  • Add sending of attachments.
  • Add support for blocked contacts/groups.

The communication with the Signal backend is implemented via signal-cli. It provides some functionality like lookup of group/contact name only over the dbus interface. Therefore, gurk only works on Linux. We should evaluate if it is possible to switch to the libsignal-service-rs crate.



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