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FreeBSD jail library
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libjail-rs aims to be a rust implementation of the FreeBSD jail(3) library. While feature parity is a goal, a one-to-one implementation of all functions in jail(3) is not.

Is it any good?


Can I use it?

This library is still under heavy development, but seems to work so far. No stability guarantees are made.

How do I use it?

jail = "*"

Execute a command in a jail:

use jail::process::Jailed;
use jail::StoppedJail;
use std::process::Command;

fn main() {
    let stopped = StoppedJail::new("/path/to/root")
        .ip("fe80::2".parse().unwrap * ())
        .param("allow.raw_sockets", param::Value::Int(1));

    let running = stopped.start().expect("Couldn't start Jail");

    let output = Command::new("hostname")
        .expect("Failed to execute command");

    println!("output: {:?}", output.stdout);


Is it fast?

There are a few benchmarks included. Run them with sudo cargo bench (yes, starting a jail requires being root).

These are some results on my laptop, on slow, spinning disks:

test echo_helloworld_free       ... bench:     271,418 ns/iter (+/- 17,522)
test echo_helloworld_jailed     ... bench:     461,749 ns/iter (+/- 26,267)
test get_ips                    ... bench:      29,591 ns/iter (+/- 3,315)
test start_echo_helloworld_stop ... bench:     504,978 ns/iter (+/- 23,717)
test start_stop_ipjail          ... bench:      27,220 ns/iter (+/- 2,141)
test start_stop_ipv4jail        ... bench:      26,307 ns/iter (+/- 2,159)
test start_stop_ipv6jail        ... bench:      26,988 ns/iter (+/- 2,486)
test start_stop_jail            ... bench:      25,760 ns/iter (+/- 2,244)


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