iui 0.3.0

Simple, small, easy to distribute GUI bindings.
name = "iui"
version = "0.3.0"
authors = ["Leo Tindall <lfstindall@gmail.com>"]

# A short blurb about the package. This is not rendered in any format when
# uploaded to crates.io (aka this is not markdown).
description = "Simple, small, easy to distribute GUI bindings."

# These URLs point to more information about the package. These are
# intended to be webviews of the relevant data, not necessarily compatible
# with VCS tools and the like.
documentation = "https://docs.rs/iui/"
repository = "https://github.com/LeoTindall/libui-rs"

# This points to a file under the package root (relative to this `Cargo.toml`).
# The contents of this file are stored and indexed in the registry.
# crates.io will render this file and place the result on the crate's page.
readme = "../README.md"

# This is a list of up to five keywords that describe this crate. Keywords
# are searchable on crates.io, and you may choose any words that would
# help someone find this crate.
keywords = ["windows", "gtk", "gui", "user_interface", "macos"]

# This is a list of up to five categories where this crate would fit.
# Categories are a fixed list available at crates.io/category_slugs, and
# they must match exactly.
categories = ["gui", "os::macos-apis", "os::unix-apis", "os::windows-apis"]
license = "MIT"

# Travis CI: `repository` in format "<user>/<project>" is required.
# `branch` is optional; default is `master`
travis-ci = { repository = "LeoTindall/libui-rs", branch = "master" }
appveyor = { repository = "LeoTindall/libui-rs", branch = "master" }

maintenance = { status = "actively-developed" }

bitflags = "1.0"
libc = "0.2"
failure = "0.1.1"
ui-sys = "0.1.3"