ironoxide 0.25.1

A pure-Rust SDK for accessing IronCore's privacy platform
# IronOxide- IronCore Labs Rust SDK

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IronOxide is an SDK for accessing IronCore's privacy platform. It is appropriate for both client and server applications.

## Usage

To include IronOxide in your Rust application, see for the most recent version.

If you are not building a Rust application, you might be interested in one of these SDKs:

- [ironoxide-java]( - Java bindings for ironoxide. Appropriate for all JVM languages.
- [ironoxide-scala]( - Scala wrappers around `ironoxide-java`.
- [ironnode]( - NodeJS implementation of IronCore's Privacy Platform.
- [ironweb]( - Javascript implementation of IronCore's Privacy Platform. Appropriate for all modern browsers.

All SDKs are intended to be compatible with one another.

## API Docs and Example Usage

Please see

## Contributing

IronCore welcomes community participation through the issue tracker or pull request process.

#### Building

Rust (stable) and [libstd]( required.

`cargo build`

It may be possible to build with `no_std`, but we haven't looked at this.
We test on a variety of architectures (including Linux-x86_64 MacOSX-x86_64, IOS-aarch64, Android-aarch64), and should generally work anywhere Rust stable works.

#### Running Unit Tests

IronCore has integration tests that are not runnable by the public. If you are interested in the results, [Travis runs the integration tests](TODO). If you think you need to run the integration tests on a development machine, please open an issue.

To run the unit test suite, use:

`cargo t --lib`

# License

IronOxide is licensed under the [GNU Affero General Public License](LICENSE).
We also offer commercial licenses - [email]( for more information.

Copyright (c) 2019 IronCore Labs, Inc.
All rights reserved.