ipfs 0.2.1

IPFS node implementation

The Interplanetary File System (IPFS), implemented in Rust

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This repository contains the crates for the IPFS core implementation which includes a blockstore, a libp2p integration which includes DHT content discovery and pubsub support, and HTTP API bindings. Our goal is to leverage both the unique properties of Rust to create powerful, performant software that works even in resource-constrained environments, while also maximizing interoperability with the other "flavors" of IPFS, namely JavaScript and Go.

Project Status - Alpha

You can see details about what's implemented, what's not, and also learn about other ecosystem projects, at Are We IPFS Yet?

For more information about IPFS see: https://docs.ipfs.io/introduction/overview/


Rust IPFS depends on protoc and openssl.


First, install the dependencies.

With apt:

# apt-get install protobuf-compiler libssl-dev zlib1g-dev

With yum

# yum install protobuf-compiler libssl-dev zlib1g-dev

Install rust-ipfs itself

The rust-ipfs binaries can be built from source. Our goal is to always be compatible with the stable release of Rust.

$ git clone https://github.com/rs-ipfs/rust-ipfs && cd rust-ipfs
$ cargo build --workspace

You will then find the binaries inside of the project root's /target/debug folder.

Note: binaries available via cargo install is coming soon.

Getting started

We recommend to browse the examples and tests in order to see how to use Rust-IPFS in different scenarios.


Special thanks to the Web3 Foundation and Protocol Labs for their devgrant support.

Completed Work

  • Project Setup
  • Testing Setup
    • Conformance testing
  • HTTP API Scaffolding
  • UnixFS Support
  • /pubsub/{publish,subscribe,peers,ls}
  • /swarm/{connect,peers,addrs,addrs/local,disconnect}
  • /id
  • /version
  • /shutdown
  • /block/{get,put,rm,stat}
  • /dag/{put,resolve}
  • /refs and /refs/local
  • /bitswap/{stat,wantlist}
  • /cat
  • /get
  • /resolve

Work in Progress

  • /bootstrap
  • /dht
  • interop testing

Work still required

  • /name
  • /ping
  • /key
  • /config
  • /stats
  • /files (regular and mfs)
  • a few other miscellaneous endpoints not enumerated here


Rust IPFS was originally authored by @dvc94ch and now actively maintained by @koivunej, and @aphelionz. Special thanks is given to Protocol Labs and Equilibrium.

Alternatives and other cool, related projects

It’s been noted that the Rust-IPFS name and popularity may serve its organization from a "first-mover" perspective. However, alternatives with different philosophies do exist, and we believe that supporting a diverse IPFS community is important and will ultimately help produce the best solution possible.

  • rust-ipfs-api - A Rust client for an existing IPFS HTTP API. Supports both hyper and actix.
  • ipfs-embed - An implementation based on sled
  • rust-ipld - Basic rust ipld library supporting dag-cbor, dag-json and dag-pb formats.
  • PolkaX's own rust-ipfs
  • Parity's rust-libp2p, which does a lot the of heavy lifting here

If you know of another implementation or another cool project adjacent to these efforts, let us know!


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