io-extras 0.17.4

File/socket handle/descriptor utilities

This crate provides a few miscellaneous utilities related to I/O:

  • HandleOrSocket types and traits for Windows, which abstract over Windows *Handle* and their corresponding Windows *Socket* types and traits.

  • Grip types and traits, which abstract over the aforementioned Windows HandleOrSocket types and traits and their corresponding non-Windows Fd types and traits.

  • RawReadable and RawWritable, which adapt a raw Fd/Handle to implement the Read and Write traits, respectively.

  • ReadWrite traits, and supporting types, which provide abstractions over types with one or two I/O resources, for reading and for writing.

Minimum Supported Rust Version (MSRV)

This crate currently works on Rust 1.58, when default features are enabled. Some of the optional features have stricter requirements.