intmap 2.0.0

Specialized HashMap for u64 keys


Specialized hashmap for u64 keys

Might be missing some functionality but you can remove, add, get and clear for now.

Be aware that no effort is made against DoS attacks.

Performace compared to the standard hashmap:

test tests::u64_get_built_in    ... bench:      22,320 ns/iter (+/- 446)
test tests::u64_get_intmap      ... bench:       2,959 ns/iter (+/- 148)
test tests::u64_insert_built_in ... bench:      27,666 ns/iter (+/- 1,230)
test tests::u64_insert_intmap   ... bench:      14,047 ns/iter (+/- 1,461)

Breaking Changes

2.0.0 - Changed behavior of insert to match std::HashMap. The old behavior is renamed to insert_checked.

How to use

Simple example.

extern crate intmap;

use intmap::IntMap;

let mut map = IntMap::new();

for i in 0..20_000 {
    map.insert(i, format!("item: {:?}", i));

How can it be so much faster?

I use a specialized hash function for u64 it multiplies the key with the largest prime for u64. By keeping the internal cache a power 2 you can avoid the expensive modulus operator as per

fn hash_u64(seed: u64) -> u64 {
    let a = 11400714819323198549u64;
    let val = a.wrapping_mul(seed);