ifmt 0.3.3

Inline expression interpolation for Rust.


A small crate which brings inline string interpolation to rust's standard formatting macros.

Getting started

To use ifmt in your project, add

ifmt = "0.3.3"

to your Cargo.toml.


let four = 4;
iprintln!("four plus four is: " four + 4);
// four plus four is: 8
iprintln!("here's a hex number: 0x" 0xb0bi64 * 1321517i64 ;x);
// here's a hex number: 0xdeadbeef
iprintln!("here's a debugging value: " Some(four);?);
// here's a debugging value: Some(4)

Supported macros

format!      -> iformat!
print!       -> iprint!
println!     -> iprintln!
eprint!      -> ieprint!
eprintln!    -> ieprintln!
write!       -> iwrite!
writeln!     -> iwriteln!
panic!       -> ipanic!
format_args! -> iformat_args!


This project is licensed under the MIT license or the Apache 2.0 license at your option.