ido 0.0.1

A TUI task tracker


ido means "I do...".

This is a re-implementation of the task tracker carpe-diem in Rust. I used Typescript to wrote the original project and ran into the callback hell.

I have just started this project for a few days so breaking changes are expected. Use it at your own risk.

Usage (2020-09-20)

  • execute ido in a terminal to launch the app.
  • if it's the first time ido is being used, you should be prompted to specify the directory at which your data are stored. Enter the full path, such as /Users/tianyishi/Documents/ido
  • Press n to track a new task
  • Press q to finish
  • You should see log.json at the directory you specified.


You may refer to the original project, carpe-diem, for a more comprehensive description.

In short, ido will faithfully record what you have done (task, time, duration, efficiency, custom attributes) in future-proof json files. You can store them wherever you want and use them easily in your workflow (you may do a data analysis on your own behaviour, or visualize what you have done on a calendar and share with others, for example). Many fancy and expensive iPad apps won't allow you to do so.


  • Efficiency
  • Menu bar (new task|view|settings)
  • Notes/Custom attributes
  • add past events
  • set goal + progress bar