http_event_store 0.2.0

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Rust HTTP connector to Event Store.

Is currently targeting EventStore 3.x.


Rust, Database, Event Store, Event Sourcing, CQRS, RESTful API, AtomPub

Getting started

Available from

extern crate http_event_store;
extern crate serde_json;
extern crate uuid;

use http_event_store::client::Client;
use http_event_store::write::Event;
use http_event_store::read::BodyEntry;
use http_event_store::expected_version::ExpectedVersion;

fn main() {
    let client = Client::default(); // by default

    let event = Event {
        event_id: uuid::Uuid::new_v4(),
        event_type: "event-type".to_string(),
        data: Some(serde_json::from_str(r#"{ "a": "1" }"#).unwrap())

    client.append_to_stream("newstream", ExpectedVersion::NoStream, vec![event]).unwrap();
    let stream = client.read_stream_events_forward::<BodyEntry>("newstream", 0, 100, true).unwrap();

    println!("Stream entry: {:?}", stream.entries[0]);

Main public API types

  • client::Client - API client
  • write::Event - Event struct (write side)
  • read::Stream<E>- Stream of events (read side)
  • read::BodyEntry - Stream entry (read side)
  • error::ApiError - API error

API functions


cURL: curl -i -d @simple-event.txt -H "Content-Type:application/" ""

Rust: client.append_to_stream("newstream", ExpectedVersion::NoStream, vec![simple_event]);


cURL: curl -i -H "Accept:application/vnd.eventstore.atom+json" ""

Rust: let result = client.read_stream_events_forward::<NoneEntry>("newstream", 0, 100, true);

Embedding data into stream

There are two options reading streams: embed full fledged events or just provide links to actual event data. Compare:

let stream_with_data = client.read_stream_events_forward::<BodyEntry>("newstream", 0, 100, true).unwrap();
let stream_with_links = client.read_stream_events_forward::<NoneEntry>("newstream", 0, 100, true).unwrap();

Check tests/ and src/ for details.


cURL: curl -v -X DELETE

Rust: client.delete_stream("foo", ExpectedVersion::Any);


cURL: curl -v -X DELETE -H "ES-HardDelete:true"

Rust: client.hard_delete_stream("foo", ExpectedVersion::Any);

Development environment

$ uname -a
Linux blah 4.4.0-47-generic #68-Ubuntu SMP Wed Oct 26 19:39:52 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

$ rustc --version
rustc 1.13.0 (2c6933acc 2016-11-07)