html2maud 0.1.11

html2maud is a library / cli to convert html to maud template code
# html2maud

Library / CLI / GUI to convert html to [maud]() template code.

# Online version

[html2maud online](

# Binary Usage

`cargo install html2maud-bin`

`html2maud-bin --in my.html --out my.maud`

`cat my.html | html2maud-bin --stdin`

Usage: html2maud [OPTIONS]

  -i, --in <input html file>
  -o, --out <output maud file>
  -s, --stdin
  -h, --help                    Print help information
html2maud-bin without parameters will start the GUI


run `html2maud-bin` without parameters and a basic [tauri](" + [pâro]( GUI will start, allowing for a faster workflow.

# Library Usage

use html2maud::*;

fn main() {
    let html = "<div><p>Paragraph</p></div>";
    let maud = html2maud(html);
    println("{}", maud);


MIT or Apache 2