hsl-ish 0.1.0

A dead simple implementation of the HSL color space; indended for conversion to the RGB color space.


A dead simple, accurate enough (see the tests) implementation of the HSL color space in rust.


I couldn't find the right implementation of the color space for one of my visualization project (none of the known to me implementations at the time implemented implemented the HSL-RGB conversion), so I decided to create my own, tiny and dead simple implementation.


The HSL-RGB conversion (Rgb::from(hsl: Hsl)) currently appears to give results that are one-off from the expected ones under certain conditions (see: issue).


Any contributions, be it bug fixes or new features, are greatly appreciated :grin:.


The original implementation of the algorithm used to convert between the spaces was written by the author of the mjijackson blog in javascript. (A repost of the original blog post).