holochain_cli 0.2.7

Provides the `hc` binary, a helpful CLI tool for working with Holochain.


Provides the hc binary, a helpful CLI tool for working with Holochain.


This command gives you a suite of tools for developing, inspecting, executing, and testing your Holochain apps. Some top-level subcommands are implemented as separate crates, and others are separate binaries -- commands whose names start with hc- and are automatically made available as subcommands if they exist in your shell's path. Here is a list of all available subcommands:

  • hc dna, hc app, and hc web-app scaffold, bundle, and unbundle DNAs, hApps and web hApps respectively. See holochain_cli_bundle for more info.
  • hc sandbox creates and executes temporary or persistent conductor configurations for you to run test instances of your hApp with. See holochain_cli_sandbox for more info.
  • hc run-local-services runs local bootstrap and WebRTC signal servers for peers to establish connections with each other. This is useful for running tests. See holochain_cli_run_local_services for more info.
  • hc scaffold generates integrity, coordinator, UI, and test code for hApps using interactive prompts. See holochain/scaffolding.
  • hc launch runs sandboxed hApp instances with live-reloading UI windows. See hc_launch in holochain/launcher for more info.


Quick install

Follow the quick start guide on the Holochain Developer Portal to get set up with all the Holochain development tools, including the hc CLI and official extensions.

Build from source



From github:

cargo install holochain_cli --git https://github.com/holochain/holochain

From the holochain repo:

cargo install --path crates/hc