himpi-sys 0.1.16

Hi35XX MPI API for Rust unsafe bindings.
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Hi35XX MPI API for Rust unsafe bindings.


  1. The target board toolchain must be installed and export to PATH:
    • hi3516ev200 - arm-himix100-linux.
    • hi3516ev300 - same as hi3516ev200.
    • hi3518ev200 - same as hi3516ev200.
    • hi3518ev300 - same as hi3516ev200.
    • hi3519av100 - arm-himix200-linux.
    • hi3531v100 - arm-hisiv100nptl-linux.
    • hi3559av100 - aarch64-himix100-linux.
  2. The rust target must be installed for target board:
    • hi3516ev200 - armv7-unknown-linux-musleabihf.
    • hi3516ev300 - same as hi3516ev200.
    • hi3518ev200 - same as hi3516ev200.
    • hi3518ev300 - same as hi3516ev200.
    • hi3519av100 - aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu.
    • hi3531v100 - arm-unknown-linux-musleabi.
    • hi3559av100 - aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu.
  3. Export MPP_DIR to directory that contains the mpp-lib.
  4. Export SYS_INCLUDE to the directory that contains the system headers.
  5. Export SYS_LIBDIR to the directory that contains the system libraries.

The toolchain and the mpp-lib you can get from the BSP sdk.

Envionment Defaults


The Hi3616EV300、Hi3616EV200、Hi3618EV300 use the same SDK.

export PATH=/opt/hisi-linux/x86-arm/arm-himix100-linux/bin:$PATH
export MPP_DIR=vendor/mpp-lib-Hi3516EV200_V1.0.1.0
export SYS_INCLUDE=/opt/hisi-linux/x86-arm/arm-himix100-linux/target/usr/include


export PATH=/opt/hisi-linux/x86-arm/arm-himix200-linux/bin:$PATH
export MPP_DIR=vendor/mpp-lib-Hi3519AV100_V2.0.2.0
export SYS_INCLUDE=/opt/hisi-linux/x86-arm/arm-himix200-linux/target/usr/include


export PATH=/opt/hisi-linux-nptl/arm-hisiv100-linux/target/bin:$PATH
export MPP_DIR=vendor/mpp-lib-Hi3531V100_V1.0.D.0
export SYS_INCLUDE=/opt/hisi-linux-nptl/arm-hisiv100-linux/target/usr/include


export PATH=/opt/hisi-linux/x86-arm/aarch64-himix100-linux/bin:$PATH
export MPP_DIR=vendor/mpp-lib-Hi3559AV100_V2.0.2.0
export SYS_INCLUDE=/opt/hisi-linux/x86-arm/aarch64-himix100-linux/aarch64-linux-gnu/sys-include


To build the package, you must set cross compile environments first.

There is some preset in .cargo/ can help you fasten setup the cross compile.


# Setup for Hi3559AV100 boards
cp .cargo/hi3559av100.toml .cargo/config
# or for link static libraries
cp .cargo/hi3559av100-static.toml .cargo/config
# Build the package ...
cargo b

Make sure the hi3559av100 feature is enabled in the Cargo.toml, The hi3559av100 specified the target board, you can change to others, like: hi3531v100 More features see the Cargo.toml.

To build with arm-hisiv100-linux-uclibcgnueabi:

# the nightly toolchain and rust-src must be installed.
rustup override set nightly
rustup component add rust-src
# the xargo command must be installed.
cargo install xargo
# if the above already, that should be work now.
RUST_TARGET_PATH=$(pwd) xargo [b|c|r|t] ...

if RUST_TARGET_PATH not set, the xargo will raise "Error loading target specification..."


use himpi_sys::{HI_MPI_SYS_Init, HI_MPI_SYS_Exit};

fn main() {
    unsafe {
        println!("HI_MPI_SYS_Init() = {}", HI_MPI_SYS_Init());
        println!("HI_MPI_SYS_Exit() = {}", HI_MPI_SYS_Exit());