hektor 0.2.1

A library for hekkin vectors.

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  • Builds on: x86, x86_64, wasm32, armv7, aarch64, thumbv7neon
  • Tests on: x86, x86_64, wasm32

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A library for hekkin vectors.


  • f32 Vectors of dimension 2, 3, and 4.
  • f32 Matrices with one vector per column (aka "column-major"). This is optimal for uploading into OpenGL or Vulkan with a GLSL shader.
  • f32 Quaternions.


Code Organization Details

Code is largely organized with one type per module. These modules are made part of the crate by having lib.rs do the following for each one:

mod foo;
pub use foo::*;

The combination of a private module and a pub use of the content of said module causes the outside world see all of the content of the foo module as being directly within the crate's top level module. This is easiest on end users, without forcing us to literally put the entire crate in a single file.

Tests are organized as one test file per operation group. This is a lot easier to keep track of when adding one operation at a time and checking that it's implemented for each appropriate type.

Inline Policy

  • Any "accessor" and "view" style methods are marked #[inline(always)].
  • Most other methods are simply marked #[inline].
  • Formatting methods are not even marked for inlining.
  • If it can be shown that insufficent inlines are the cause of a slowdown then we can upgrade a particular method to be #[inline(always)], but there must first be some sort of benchmark demonstrating the issue.