h2 0.3.19

An HTTP/2 client and server


A Tokio aware, HTTP/2 client & server implementation for Rust.

License: MIT Crates.io Documentation

More information about this crate can be found in the crate documentation.


  • Client and server HTTP/2 implementation.
  • Implements the full HTTP/2 specification.
  • Passes h2spec.
  • Focus on performance and correctness.
  • Built on Tokio.

Non goals

This crate is intended to only be an implementation of the HTTP/2 specification. It does not handle:

  • Managing TCP connections
  • HTTP 1.0 upgrade
  • TLS
  • Any feature not described by the HTTP/2 specification.

This crate is now used by hyper, which will provide all of these features.


To use h2, first add this to your Cargo.toml:

h2 = "0.3"

Next, add this to your crate:

extern crate h2;

use h2::server::Connection;

fn main() {
    // ...


How does h2 compare to solicit or rust-http2?

The h2 library has implemented more of the details of the HTTP/2 specification than any other Rust library. It also passes the h2spec set of tests. The h2 library is rapidly approaching "production ready" quality.

Besides the above, Solicit is built on blocking I/O and does not appear to be actively maintained.

Is this an embedded Java SQL database engine?