grin_wallet 1.1.0

Simple, private and scalable cryptocurrency implementation based on the MimbleWimble chain format.
grin_wallet-1.1.0 is not a library.

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Grin Wallet

This is the reference implementation of Grin's wallet. It consists of 2 major pieces:

  • The Grin Wallet APIs, which are intended for use by Grin community wallet developers. The wallet APIs can be directly linked into other projects or invoked via a JSON-RPC interface.

  • A reference command-line wallet, which provides a baseline wallet for Grin and demonstrates how the wallet APIs should be called.


To use the command-line wallet, we recommend using the latest release from the Releases page. There are distributions for Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Full documentation outlining how to use the command line wallet can be found on Grin's Wiki


Apache License v2.0