googleprojection 1.2.0

Project world- or screen-space coordinates for use in Google Maps tiles (WebMercator)


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An implementation of "Google Projection" (WebMercator) in Rust. It projects lat/long coordinates into screenspace pixels and back again for use when building a tileserver that works with Google Maps, among others.

It's a port of Go code found in the fawick/go-mapnik project on GitHub, in turn implemented from OpenStreetMap


Import the googleprojection crate and use the public functions from_ll_to_pixel and from_pixel_to_ll on it. You can also use the Mercator struct if you need custom tile sizes. See API documentation and tests for more details.


This code is released under Apache License 2.0. See LICENSE file.

Based on go-mapnik, released under the MIT license.

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