glium-glyph 0.14.0

Glium frontend for the glyph-brush text renderer. gfx-glyph with gfx swapped out for glium.
## glium-glyph

[![dependency status](](

[Glium]( frontend for the [glyph-brush]( text renderer.

It bases on the [gfx_glyph]( crate. While it works, some docs are still missing, and maybe one API call or two. I've written it mostly to scratch a personal itch of mine. If you find something to be missing, file an issue or send me a PR!


* examples and docs are still about the gfx-brush crate
* mode for crisp text rendering (exposing texture interpolation commands send to glium)
* mode for crisp text rendering (making rusttype [not "alias"], might need changes in glyph-brush)