glean-core 23.0.0

A modern Telemetry library

Glean SDK

The Glean SDK is a modern approach for a Telemetry library and is part of the Glean project.


This library provides the core functionality of the Glean SDK, including implementations of all metric types, the ping serializer and the storage layer. It's used in all platform-specific wrappers.

It's not intended to be used by users directly. Each supported platform has a specific Glean package with a nicer API. A nice Rust API will be provided by the Glean crate.


All documentation is available online:


use glean_core::{Glean, Configuration, CommonMetricData, metrics::*};
let cfg = Configuration {
    data_path: "/tmp/glean".into(),
    application_id: "".into(),
    upload_enabled: true,
    max_events: None,
let mut glean = Glean::new(cfg).unwrap();
let ping = PingType::new("sample", true);

let call_counter: CounterMetric = CounterMetric::new(CommonMetricData {
    name: "calls".into(),
    category: "local".into(),
    send_in_pings: vec!["sample".into()],

call_counter.add(&glean, 1);



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