gfx_device_gl 0.14.4

OpenGL backend for gfx-rs


OpenGL backend for gfx.

Normalized Coordinates

Render Depth Texture
render_coordinates depth_coordinates texture_coordinates

GLSL Mirroring

PSO component GLSL component
Vertex/InstanceBuffer a collection of vertex shader inputs
ConstantBuffer Uniform Buffer Object
Global Uniform
Render/BlendTarget fragment shader output
Depth/StencilTarget depth, stencil
UnorderedAccess TODO
Scissor not visible
BlendRef not visible

TextureSamplers correspond to the following GLSL samplers, when you see a g preceding a sampler name, it represents any of the 3 possible prefixes (nothing for float, i for signed integer, and u for unsigned integer):

Texture Kind GLSL sampler
D1 gsampler1D, sampler1DShadow
D1Array gsampler1DArray, sampler1DArrayShadow
D2 gsampler2D, gsampler2DMS, sampler2DShadow
D2Array gsampler2DArray, gsampler2DMSArray, sampler2DArrayShadow
D3 gsampler3D
Cube gsamplerCube, samplerCubeShadow
CubeArray gsamplerCubeArray, samplerCubeArrayShadow

Buffer resource views are seen as gsamplerBuffer.

Rust basic type GLSL (1.3 and above)
i32 int
u32 uint
f32 float
f64 double