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Zero-Copy reading and writing of geospatial data.

GeoZero defines an API for reading geospatial data formats without an intermediate representation. It defines traits which can be implemented to read and convert to an arbitrary format or render geometries directly.

Supported geometry types:

Supported dimensions: X, Y, Z, M, T

Available implementations:

Format conversion overview

[GeozeroGeometry] Dimensions [GeozeroDatasource] Geometry Conversion [GeomProcessor]
geo-types geo_types::Geometry<f64> XY - [ToGeo] GeoWriter
GeoJSON GeoJson, GeoJsonString XYZ GeoJsonReader, GeoJson [ToJson] GeoJsonWriter
GDAL gdal::vector::Geometry XYZ - [ToGdal] GdalWriter
GEOS geos::Geometry XYZ - [ToGeos] GeosWriter
SVG - XY - [ToSvg] SvgWriter
WKB Wkb, Ewkb, GpkgWkb XYZM - [ToWkb] WkbWriter
WKT - XYZM - [ToWkt] WktWriter