geo-types 0.7.0

Geospatial primitive data types

The geo-types library provides geospatial primitive types for the GeoRust ecosystem.

In most cases, you will only need to use this crate if you’re a crate author and want compatibility with other GeoRust crates. Otherwise, the geo crate re-exports these types and provides geospatial algorithms.


  • [Coordinate]: A two-dimensional coordinate. All geometry types are composed of [Coordinate]s, though [Coordinate] itself is not a [Geometry] type.
  • [Point]: A single point represented by one [Coordinate]
  • [MultiPoint]: A collection of [Point]s
  • [Line]: A line segment represented by two [Coordinate]s
  • [LineString]: A series of contiguous line segments represented by two or more [Coordinate]s
  • [MultiLineString]: A collection of [LineString]s
  • [Polygon]: A bounded area represented by one [LineString] exterior ring, and zero or more [LineString] interior rings
  • [MultiPolygon]: A collection of [Polygon]s
  • [Rect]: An axis-aligned bounded rectangle represented by minimum and maximum [Coordinate]s
  • [Triangle]: A bounded area represented by three [Coordinate] vertices
  • [GeometryCollection]: A collection of [Geometry]s
  • [Geometry]: An enumeration of all geometry types, excluding [Coordinate]


The geospatial types provided here aim to adhere to the OpenGIS Simple feature access standards. Thus, the types here are inter-operable with other implementations of the standards: JTS, GEOS, etc.