gen-stream 0.2.3

Generator-based streams for Rust and futures 0.3.


Generator-based streams for Rust and futures 0.3.


What is this for?

Rust ecosystem is currently moving towards asynchronous computation based on Future trait and friends. One part of this is enabling us to write Futures-based code in synchronous fashion using async/await.

This is only for Future, however. How do you write a complicated asynchronous iterator (Stream, that is) without rolling enum-based state-machine? async yield functions are supposed to give us a hand eventually. But until such time comes...

Just write your own generator and wrap it in one of GenStreams.

How can I use this?

You need the latest Rust nightly, tested to be working as of nightly-2019-03-02.

Add this to Cargo.toml:

gen-stream = "0.2"



use futures::{
use gen_stream::{gen_await, GenPerpetualStream};
use std::{ops::Generator, time::{Duration, SystemTime}};
use tokio::{runtime::current_thread::Runtime, timer::Interval};

fn current_time() -> impl Generator<Yield = Poll<SystemTime>, Return = !> {
    static move || {
        let mut i = Interval::new_interval(Duration::from_millis(500)).compat();

        loop {
            let _ = gen_await!(;

            yield Poll::Ready(SystemTime::now());

fn main() {
    let mut time_streamer = GenPerpetualStream::from(Box::pin(current_time()));

    let mut rt = Runtime::new().unwrap();
    rt.spawn(Compat::new(async move {
        for _ in 0..3 {
            let current_time = await!(;
            println!("Current time is {:?}", current_time);


License: MIT/Apache-2.0