fusefilter 0.1.0

No alloc membership approximation
# Fusefilter

## Quick Start 


const N: usize = 1000000;
let mut keys = [0; N];

for i in 0..N {
    keys[i] = i as u64;

let f: Fuse<u8, { N }> = Fuse::try_from(&keys);

for i in 0..10 {


## Limitations

Fuse Filters are not designed to work with duplicate values. [1]

Fusefilters could benefit from some features in const generics that are not yet in nightly. We did not want to wait for const generic fuse filters, so that is the reason behind why there are some `const fn`s and `Sized`.

## Acknowledgement

The design here comes from [Xorf](https://crates.io/crates/ayazhafix/xorf). 

## Reference

[1] https://arxiv.org/pdf/1907.04749.pdf, 27th Annual European Symposium on Algorithms.