fctool 0.2.4

File Creation Tool
fctool-0.2.4 is not a library.



FCTool (File Creator Tool) is a tool for creating files.

I had this problem: how do i create html files with mostly the same content and only a few differences?

FCTool solves this problem.


  1. Install cargo
  2. Run the command cargo install fctool


fctool [files]...

Each file will be processed independently. If no files are given, fctool reads from stdin.


Examine this example input file:

This is not printed at all, it's a comment if you will

["a", "b"]
This will be printed to files 'a' and 'b'

This will be printed to file 'a' only

This again will be printed to files 'a' and 'b'

== ["a"]
== This is a literal line and it's contents are printed literally after '== '