favlist 2.0.0

Create and manage lists using SQLite
favlist-2.0.0 is not a library.


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Easily make lists, backed up with a SQLite database


# create a new list of movies with an important (not-null) title and an integer year
favlist new Movies ~Title Year@int
# Add a new entry to the Movies list
favlist add Movies -c Title "The Curse of the Cursed Curse" -c Year 2006
# list movies with "Curse" in the title made in 2006 and print in YAML format
favlist list Movies -f Title Curse --filter Year 2006 --yaml
# Change the Year in row 1 of Movies
favlist edit Movies 1 -c Year 2005
# Remove row 1 from Movies
favlist sub Movies 1

# Launch the TUI

# Help
favlist --help
favlist [SUBCOMMAND] --help
  • Create a new list with favlist new
  • Delete a list with favlist rem
  • Add a new row to the list with favlist add
  • Subtract a row from the list with favlist sub
  • Edit values in a row with favlist edit
  • Print values of list with favlist list


TUI Screenshot

The TUI is included by default. If you don't want this feature included, pass the --no-default-features flag when installing/building with cargo.

For now, you cannot edit any data with the TUI, but you can view data. Switch between tables with < and >, and highlight rows with and on your keyboard. Exit the TUI with ESC.


# Latest released version
cargo install favlist

# Don't want the TUI feature?
cargo install --no-default-features favlist

# Want to get notified about new releases?
cargo install favlist --features check-latest



  • libsqlite3-dev