falcon 0.4.12

A Binary Analysis Framework in Rust

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Welcome to Falcon

Falcon is a formal binary analysis framework in Rust.

  • Expression-based IL with strong influences from RREIL and Binary Ninja's LLIL.
  • Semantically-equivalent binary translators for 32/64-bit x86, Mips, and Mipsel.
  • Lifters for ELF and PE via goblin.
  • Fixed-point engine for data-flow analysis and abstract interpretation.
  • Performant memory models for analysis.
  • A concrete executor over Falcon IL.


  • Several scripts to get you up-and-running with Falcon can be found in the scripts/ directory.
  • Dependencies are capstone and clang.
  • Falcon works out of the box with capstone3. If you are using capstone4, make sure you build falcon with the capstone4 feature.

Questions / Support

  • There is an infrequently checked IRC channel at irc.freenode.net#rust-falcon.
  • There is a more frequently checked Gitter.
  • You can also find me in the Binary Ninja slack under the name "endeavor".