eui-no-std 0.2.4

EUI-48 and EUI-64 no-std implementation.
eui-no-std-0.2.4 doesn't have any documentation.

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EUI-48 and EUI-64 no-std implementation using heapless.


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

eui-no-std = "0.2"

Or if u interested in serde enable optional feature:

eui-no-std = { version = "0.2", default-features = false, features = ["serde"] }


use eui::Eui48;
use eui::Eui64;

let eui48 = Eui48::from(85204980412143);
let eui64 = Eui64::from(eui48);
assert_eq!(eui48.to_string(), "4d7e54972eef");
assert_eq!(eui64.to_string(), "4d7e540000972eef");