ergo-lib 0.27.1

ErgoTree interpreter and wallet-like features for Ergo

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  • Binary serialization;
  • JSON serialization;
  • ErgoTree evaluation;
  • Box builder(with mint token support);
  • Transaction building and signing;
  • Box selection for funds and assets (with token burning support);
  • Box registers(R4-R9) access;


  • Evaluation trace(debug) mode for the interpreter #625
  • no_std support to minimize Wasm binary size and for ZKRU support;
  • Explore ZKRU support (tx/block verification proof) #631
  • ErgoScript compiler; #370
  • JIT Costing; #193
  • ErgoTree pretty printer ("decompiler"); #371
  • Kotlin bindings for Android; #369


ErgoScript Language

ErgoScript Language Description

Crate features

json (default feature)

JSON serialization for chain types using serde.

compiler (default feature)

Compile ErgoTree from ErgoScript via Contract::compile.