emojis 0.1.0

Lookup, iterate over, and fuzzy search for emojis.


Lookup, iterate over, and fuzzy search for emojis.


  • Lookup up emoji by Unicode value.
  • Lookup up emoji by GitHub shortcode.
  • Iterate over emojis in recommended order.
  • Iterate over emojis in an emoji group. E.g. "Smileys & Emotion" or "Flags".
  • Fuzzy search all emojis.
  • Based on the latest Unicode emoji spec (v13.1).


// lookup any emoji by Unicode value
let face = emojis::lookup("๐Ÿคจ").unwrap();
// or GitHub shortcode
let face = emojis::lookup("raised_eyebrow").unwrap();

assert_eq!(face.as_str(), "\u{1F928}");
assert_eq!(face.name(), "face with raised eyebrow");
assert_eq!(face.group(), emojis::Group::SmileysAndEmotion);
assert_eq!(face.shortcode().unwrap(), "raised_eyebrow");

// iterate over all the emojis.
let emoji = emojis::iter().next().unwrap();
assert_eq!(emoji, "๐Ÿ˜€");

// iterate over all the emojis in a group.
let emoji = emojis::Group::FoodAndDrink.emojis().next().unwrap();
assert_eq!(emoji, "๐Ÿ‡");

// fuzzy search for emojis.
let emoji = emojis::search("rket").next().unwrap();
assert_eq!(emoji, "๐Ÿš€");


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