efi 0.1.3

Ergonomic Rust bindings for writing UEFI applications
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A framework for writing UEFI applications in Rust. It is intended to act as Rust standard library on the UEFI platform with support for things like:

  • Console I/O
  • Containers such as Vec and String via a custom allocator
  • Macros like println!, write!, format! etc.
  • Rust I/O primitives as Read and Write traits and the related types
  • UDP and TCP sockets similar to those in stdlib
  • Implementation of IpAddr and its supporting types
  • Domain name resolution so that you can connect sockets using a hostname

In addition to the above, it offers an ergonomic API for UEFI-specific functionality such as:

  • Loading and starting images
  • DHCP
  • PXE
  • Device paths

Thirdly it exposes an API for doing raw FFI with the UEFI platform as well. It's the same FFI API that is used to implement the above mentioned functionality.

WARNING: this crate is still a work in progress and the API surface can change without notice.

How to Use

To see how to use take a look at the sample application efi_app which is built using efi.

Note on Building

Use nightly Rust to build. Has been tested with nightly-2018-03-30-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc. May not work with latest nightlies, especially because the allocator API is in flux. We're using a rust-toolchain file to pin the rust version to nightly-2018-03-30. If this version isn't already installed, cargo will automatically download and install it before building.