dpdk-sys 0.1.5

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dpdk-sys is a Rust crate which has FFI bindings for DPDK.


Bindings are currently built for DPDK 18.05. To rebuild the bindings, run tools/recreate-bindings. The bindings are checked in, even though they can be generated. Building them as part of a Cargo build.rs has proven to be too fragile, not least because of the complexity of DPDK and the need to patch it to work with musl libc and to support compilation on Mac OS X.


The function rte_vlog is not exported as it makes uses of va_list; this macro maps to different code for different platforms. When using musl on Linux, it can be supported with:-

pub type va_list = __builtin_va_list;

pub type __builtin_va_list = [__va_list_tag; 1usize];

#[derive(Copy, Clone)]
pub struct __va_list_tag
	pub gp_offset: c_uint,
	pub fp_offset: c_uint,
	pub overflow_arg_area: *mut c_void,
	pub reg_save_area: *mut c_void,

impl Default for __va_list_tag
    fn default() -> Self
		unsafe { zeroed() }

Hopefully one day code like this might end up in the libc crate, but it's not likely as it's very difficult to make use of va_list in any event.

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38156867/how-to-direct-packets-belonging-to-a-tcp-connection-to-a-specific-lcore-in-dpdk/39708686 https://galsagie.github.io/2015/02/26/dpdk-tips-1/


The license for this project is MIT.