devto-cli 0.3.1

A CLI tool to manage articles
devto-cli-0.3.1 is not a library.

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A CLI tool to manage articles similar to Zenn CLI


You can install this using the cargo install command:

$ cargo install devto-cli


You need to export your token to use.

$ export DEVTO_TOKEN=your_token

Or you can pass the token as an option:

$ devto new your-new-article-title --devto-token your_token

Obtain a token

  1. Go to Settings > Account > DEV Community API Keys
  2. Enter description and click on Generate API Key

Generate a repository template

$ devto start
Creating `devto-content` ...

You can now start writing your articles:
    cd devto-content
    git init
    devto new your-article-title

Create a new article

devto-content/$ devto new your-new-article-title

Delete an unpublished article

devto-content/$ devto delete your-unpublised-article-title

Preview a draft article

devto-content/$ devto preview your-draft-article-title



$ cargo build

Or you can directly execute the binary:

$ cargo run


$ cargo build
$ cargo test


GitHub Releases

$ git tag v0.1.0
$ git push origin v0.1.0

$ cargo publish