deque 0.3.2

A (mostly) lock-free concurrent work-stealing deque

deque - A (mostly) lock-free concurrent work-stealing deque

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This module contains an implementation of the Chase-Lev work stealing deque described in "Dynamic Circular Work-Stealing Deque". The implementation is heavily based on the implementation using C11 atomics in "Correct and Efficient Work Stealing for Weak Memory Models".

The only potentially lock-synchronized portion of this deque is the occasional call to the memory allocator when growing the deque. Otherwise all operations are lock-free.


use deque;

let (worker, stealer) = deque::new();

// Only the worker may push/pop

// Stealers take data from the other end of the deque

// Stealers can be cloned to have many stealers stealing in parallel
let stealer2 = stealer.clone();


The deque module was originally authored by Alex Crichton on 2013-11-26, commit a70f9d7324a91058d31c1301c4351932880d57e8 in the Rust git repo.

It was later removed by him as part of the sync module rewrite on 2014-11-24 in commit 71d4e77db8ad4b6d821da7e5d5300134ac95974e.

With the introduction of the package repository, I decided to bring back the module as its own crate. The code is based on the version in the Rust repo just prior to the aforementioned commit for the sync module rewrite. All changes so far are only ones required to get the code and tests to compile.