deno_core 0.59.0

A secure JavaScript/TypeScript runtime built with V8, Rust, and Tokio

Deno Core Crate

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The main dependency of this crate is rusty_v8, which provides the V8-Rust bindings.

This Rust crate contains the essential V8 bindings for Deno's command-line interface (Deno CLI). The main abstraction here is the JsRuntime which provides a way to execute JavaScript. The JsRuntime is modeled as a Future<Item=(), Error=JsError> which completes once all of its ops have completed.

In order to bind Rust functions into JavaScript, use the Deno.core.dispatch() function to trigger the "dispatch" callback in Rust. The user is responsible for encoding both the request and response into a Uint8Array.

Documentation for this crate is thin at the moment. Please see and as a simple example of usage.

TypeScript support and a lot of other functionality is not available at this layer. See the CLI for that.