defmt-rtt 0.4.0

Transmit defmt log messages over the RTT (Real-Time Transfer) protocol


Transmit defmt log messages over the RTT (Real-Time Transfer) protocol

defmt ("de format", short for "deferred formatting") is a highly efficient logging framework that targets resource-constrained devices, like microcontrollers.

The fastest way to get started with defmt is to use our app-template to set up a new Cortex-M embedded project.

For more details about the framework check the book at

Memory use

When in a tight memory situation and logging over RTT, the buffer size (default: 1024 bytes) can be configured with the DEFMT_RTT_BUFFER_SIZE environment variable. Use a power of 2 for best performance.


defmt-rtt is part of the Knurling project, Ferrous Systems' effort at improving tooling used to develop for embedded systems.

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