default-boxed 0.2.0

Helper trait to help create large struct on heap directly
# default-boxed


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Helper trait to create instances of large structs with default value on heap directly
without going through stack.

Similar to the unstable `box` syntax,
it semantically doesn't require creating the whole struct on stack then moving to heap,
and thus unlike [`copyless`][copyless] or [`boxext`][boxext],
it doesn't rely on optimization to eliminate building the struct on stack,
which may still face stack overflow on debug build when creating large struct.


## Example

use default_boxed::DefaultBoxed;

const BASE: usize = 1024;

struct Foo {
    a: Bar,
    b: [Bar; 1024 * BASE],
    c: [u32; 1024 * BASE],

struct Bar(u16);
impl Default for Bar {
    fn default() -> Bar {

let foo = Foo::default_boxed();
assert_eq!(foo.a.0, 29);
assert_eq!(foo.b[128 * BASE].0, 29);
assert_eq!(foo.c[256 * BASE], 0);

let foo_arr = Foo::default_boxed_array::<16>();
assert_eq!(foo_arr[15].a.0, 29);

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