debug-here 0.2.2

A macro to shave precious seconds off the time it takes to start debugging.
# 0.2.2

- Fix slogan to reflect new windows support

# 0.2.1

- Add support for windows, using the just-in-time debugging mechanism
- Update documentation to reflect windows support
- Drop `nix` as a dependency

# 0.2.0

- Add support for macos
- Add support for using rust-lldb as a backend
- Add ability to choose your own backend
- Remove need for rust-here-gdb-wrapper unless you are using xterm

# 0.1.2

- Add support for alacritty
- Don't require include of `debug_here` in submodules (thanks @untitaker)
- Tweak a few error messages.

# 0.1.1

The Initial Release
- Only supported linux and rust-gdb