daicon-native 0.2.0

Native system implementations of daicon protocols


Index regions of a binary blob by ID.

Read the daicon format documentation here!


Daicon is currently a draft specification, changes will use Semantic Versioning 2.0.0. You can use daicon in your projects, but no guarantees about cross-compatibility exist until a 1.0 release of the specification, besides an informal recommendation that 0.x minor versions stay compatible.

Who is using Daicon?


This is a reference implementation, as well as a parsing and writing library for the rust language.

  • crates.io docs.rs - Reference rust reader/writer implementation of the daicon format.
  • crates.io docs.rs - Native system implementations of daicon protocols.
  • crates.io docs.rs - Daicon low-level types, for zero-copy reading and writing.


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