cvesearch 0.1.1

Provides a client library for the CIRCL CVE Search failed to build cvesearch-0.1.1
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Rust library for searching database of security vulnerabilities. The library uses the web service provided by CIRCL


Available on

Add this to your Cargo.toml

cvesearch = "0.1"


extern crate cvesearch;

use cvesearch::CVESearch;

fn main() {
    let cve = CVESearch::new();

    // All vulnerabilities on Apache ActiveMQ 
    let vuls ="apache"), String::from("activemq")).unwrap();
    let vuls_array = vuls.as_array().unwrap();
    for results in vuls_array.iter() {
        let obj = results.as_object().unwrap();
        println!("{} - {}", obj.get("id").unwrap(), obj.get("summary").unwrap());

    // See details:
    let vul = cve.get_cve("CVE-2016-5284".into()).unwrap();
    let vul_obj = vul.as_object().unwrap();
    println!("===> Summary {}", vul_obj.get("summary").unwrap());

    // DBInfo, example: last time vendors db has been updated
    let info = cve.db_info().unwrap();
    let obj = info.as_object().unwrap();
    println!("===> Vendors database updated at {}", obj.get("vendorU").unwrap());


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