criterion 0.2.3

Statistics-driven micro-benchmarking library
# Changelog
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

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and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](

## [Unreleased]

## [0.2.3]
### Fixed
- will now panic with a clear error message if the user attempts to run
  a benchmark which doesn't call the `Bencher::iter` function or a related function,
  rather than failing in an uncontrolled manner later.
- Fixed broken links in some more summary reports.

### Added
- Added a `--measure-only` argument which causes the benchmark executable to run the
  warmup and measurement and then move on to the next benchmark without analyzing or
  saving data. This is useful to prevent' analysis code from appearing
  in profile data when profiling benchmarks.
- Added an index report file at "target/criterion/report/index.html" which links to
  the other reports for easy navigation.

## [0.2.2]
### Fixed
- Fixed broken links in some summary reports.
- Work around apparent rustc bug in >= 1.24.0.

## [0.2.1]
### Added
- HTML reports are now a default Cargo feature. If you wish to disable HTML reports,
  disable' default features. Doing so will allow compatibility with
  older Rust versions such as 1.20. If you wish to continue using HTML reports, you
  don't need to do anything.
- Added a summary report for benchmarks that compare multiple functions or different

### Changed
- The plots and HTML reports are now generated in a `report` folder.

### Fixed
- Underscores in benchmark names will no longer cause subscripted characters to
  appear in generated plots.

## [0.2.0]
### Added
- Added `Criterion.bench` function, which accepts either a `Benchmark` or
  `ParameterizedBenchmark`. These new structures allow for custom per-benchmark
  configuration as well as more complex benchmark grouping (eg. comparing a Rust
  function against an external program over a range of inputs) which was not
  possible previously.
- can now report the throughput of the benchmarked code in units of
  bytes or elements per second. See the `Benchmark.throughput` and
  `ParameterizedBenchmark.throughput` functions for further details.
- now generates a basic HTML report for each benchmark.
- Added `--noplot` command line option to disable plot generation.

### Changed
- The builder methods on the Criterion struct now take and return self by value
  for easier chaining. Functions which configure a Criterion structure will need
  to be updated accordingly, or will need to be changed to work with the
  `Benchmark` or `ParameterizedBenchmark` types to do per-benchmark configuration
- The closures taken by `Criterion.bench_*` must now have a `'static` lifetime.
  This means that you may need to change your closures from `|bencher| {...}`
  to `move |bencher| {...}`.
- `Criterion.bench_functions` now takes `I` as an input parameter, not `&I`.
- Input values must now implement `Debug` rather than `Display`.
- The generated plots are stored in `target/criterion` rather than `.criterion`.

### Removed
- The hidden `criterion::ConfidenceInterval` and`criterion::Estimate` types are
  no longer publicly accessible.
- The `Criterion.summarize` function has been removed.

### Fixed
- Fixed the relative mean and median reports.
- Fixed panic while summarizing benchmarks.

## [0.1.2]
### Changed
- is now stable-compatible!
- now includes its own stable-compatible `black_box` function.
  Some benchmarks may now be affected by dead-code-elimination where they
  previously weren't and may have to be updated.
- now uses `serde` to save results. Existing results files will
  be automatically removed when benchmarks are run.
- Redesigned the command-line output to highlight the important information
  and reduce noise.

### Added
- Running benchmarks with the variable "CRITERION_DEBUG" in the environment will
  cause to generate extra debug output and save the gnuplot scripts
  alongside the generated plots.

### Fixed
- Don't panic on IO errors or gnuplot failures
- Fix generation of invalid gnuplot scripts when benchmarking over inputs and inputs include values <= 0.
- Bug where benchmarks would run one sample fewer than was configured.

### Removed
- Generated plots will no longer use log-scale.

## [0.1.1]
### Added
- A changelog file.
- Added a chapter to the book on how collects and analyzes data.
- Added macro rules to generate a test harness for use with `cargo bench`.
  Benchmarks defined without these macros should continue to work.
- New contribution guidelines
- can selectively run benchmarks. See the Command-line page for
more details

## 0.1.0 - 2017-12-02
### Added
- Initial release on