crate_glitch 0.1.1 bot to provide links based on pattern matching
crate_glitch-0.1.1 is not a library.

crate_glitch is a bot which monitors messages in a channel and provides links based on simple pattern matching.

Execute as $ crate_glitch <config_file> (default config.yaml), with config like the following:

token: ""
password: ""
account: ""
room: ""
listen_to: "!crate "
prepend_with: ""

The bot logs in using the account and credentials provided, and begins listening in the provided room. By default, the bot catches messages like !crate serde and provides a link to


  • The bot account must already be in the channel configured.
  • Login attempts to use the provided token, or falls back to password-auth if the token fails. In either case, the service will print the token to stdout. If you don't have a token, use password-auth and copy the emitted token into your config for next time.